Air freight is another term for air cargo that is, the shipment of goods through an air carrier. Air transport services are the most valuable when it comes to moving express shipments around the global. Air freight means the amount to be paid for the transportation of goods by air. When goods are shipped from one place to the other, the amount paid for the movement of the goods is called freight. Air cargo services are the right solution if you must transport high value but low volume shipments. This kind of transport is a practical option for transporting goods of all shapes and sizes. Many business owners opt for air freight services due to the speed factor.

Benefits of Air Freight:

  • The fastest shipping method
  • Highly reliable arrival and departure times
  • Send your cargo almost anywhere
  • Low insurance premium means large savings
  • High level of security and reduced risk of theft and damage
  • Less need for warehousing and fewer items in stock
  • Less packaging required
  • Follow the status of your cargo

We Import Kgs of goods through this logistic system is about 4200 kgs – 5500 kgs.

We Export Kgs of goods through this logistic system is about 6500 kgs – 8000 kgs.